Our Network

If you’re looking for the largest commercial fuel network in the UK, look no further. Our network was founded in 1981 and now has 3,500+ multi-branded sites, including 900+ sites designed with HGVs in mind.

THE UK'S #1 COMMERCIAL fuel network since 1981


You’re running a commercial fleet, so we know that fuel is one of your most significant outlays. In fact, depending on your sector, it could account for nearly half of your business’ overall costs.

That’s why we don’t think you should pay pump price. Our network has 3,500+ commercially priced sites so you’ll save money against the advertised retail price every time your drivers fill up.

And if you want to procure your fuel from another supplier, you can bunker it at any sites you choose from across our network.


With tight deadlines to hit, every minute counts so you can’t afford to run out of road. And if your drivers are making detours to refuel, it takes time and costs you fuel. 

To keep you on track, we’ve selected sites in strategic locations on trunk routes, motorways and in all key cities & towns, helping your drivers take the most direct route possible.

And, despite the forecourt market shrinking each year, our network is constantly growing with new fuel sites joining us every week.


Because we started life in the haulage industry, we understand the unique challenges that commercial fleets experience when out on the road.

So we’ve chosen 3,500+ multi-branded sites & truckstops from across the UK for you to fill up at, helping you venture further into the UK than anyone else.

More than 900 of our forecourts are optimised for heavy goods vehicles, with fast flow pumps reducing downtime and high canopies giving hassle-free access to HGVs.

And to cater for mixed fleets, we’ve made sure our network is versatile. You can use your Keyfuels card at selected supermarkets, Motorway Service Areas, oil company sites and truckstops across the country.