Discover total control

Velocity controls help you keep an eye on driver activity but with most fuel cards the rules are the same for everyone so you can’t customise them to suit your business.

ControlMax is different. We give you the freedom to create your own limits at card, cost centre or account level, so you’ve got unrivalled visibility & control over your fuel spend.

You make the rules

Each rule you configure is unique to your business.   

Lock down specific fuel sites for certain cards on certain days or at certain times of day.

Set maximum spend limits or transaction frequencies at card, cost centre or account level.

No other system gives you this level of real-time fuel management and we will help you every step of the way to create the right set of rules for your business.

Responsive round the clock

If a rule gets broken, ControlMax responds instantly with the automated response you’ve chosen.

You can decide to simply receive an instant alert, prevent the transaction from going through or even block the card from further use.

And if you need to edit a rule or create a new one, your changes will come into effect within an hour.


Set your own transaction restrictions


Real-time visibility & control


Keep on top of spend at card, cost centre or account level


Set up SMS or email driver alerts


Enforce your rules to lock down cards

Further detail

Key features

  • Set up custom real-time alerts about driver actions.

  • Decide what action you automatically want to take when a rule is broken: Alert; alert and decline the transaction; or alert and block the card.

  • Make new rules online 24/7 that come into force in under an hour.

  • Rules can be set at account, card level or anywhere in-between.

Set your own limits

  • Lock down locations

  • Set time windows for usage

  • Set maximum transaction values & frequency