Our Fuel Cards


Our experts will work closely with you to keep your fuel overheads under control. We start from one of two broad approaches and then adapt it to your needs. If the following options don’t describe you, please call us on 01922 704455 to speak to a fuel expert or Contact Us




I'd like to source bulk fuel from my own supplier and draw that fuel from the Keyfuels network.


Pay as you go

I'd like a fixed weekly price for fuel that’s cheaper than pump price.




Pay as you go

Total Network

3,500+ sites

3,500+ sites

Best For Companies...

Who prefer to buy their own fuel in bulk from a supplier and may wish to integrate own yard facilities with on-the-road drawings, if applicable.

Who prefer a one-stop-shop solution

Extended Network Available?

Yes - Network add-ons available

Yes - Network add-ons available

Fuel Supply Method

Customer sources fuel (Keyfuels will facilitate this if needed). Keyfuels then co-ordinates the customer's fuel deliveries into the network

No bulk fuel purchase needed. Keyfuels supplies fuel from within the network and the customer only pays for fuel drawn


7-10 days required

Not required (pay-as-you-go)

Fuel Pricing

Customer pays fuel supplier directly using the agreed pricing formula

Weekly fixed commercial fuel price based on volume and services required

Management Charges

A ppl fee based on customer's volume and services required

Included in weekly fixed fuel price